Steve Hanson is a motivational, purpose-driven speaker who draws from his personal 

experiences with bullying and anxiety, to help people better understand how to interact

with one another, meet life's challenges head-on, and overcome fear and self-doubt.

Steve shows people how they can live a bigger life, and he can't wait to speak with you.





What They're saying


Stacey B.


Thunder Over Elk Creek

Steve did a fantastic job of entertaining a crowd of all ages. Great time!


Ruth Petermann


Hudson Neighbors Magazine

Steve is an excellent presenter. This somewhat reserved person comes alive in front of an audience. He is engaging and passionate in his presentations. Audiences can relate to his topic(s) and appreciate his presentation style. 


Mary Hirsch


Lakes Marketing Group Inc

Steve is a true professional. I would highly recommend using his services.


Ken Schroeder

Thunder Over Elk Creek

When we hired Steve to handle our entertainment and MC duties, we didn’t know what to expect. Now after 9 years of hosting our event, our guests request his presence and his talents come in a close second only to the fireworks. Steve’s professionalism, humor, and overall personality has made him vital in the success of our event. It would be difficult, if not impossible to do this event without him.


Katherine Fossler, SPHR

Associate Director 

Small Business Development Center

University of Wisconsin - River Falls



I was in attendance when Steve Hanson spoke to a group of over 50 women business owners. He had a captivating message delivered with humility, and a variety of media support materials that were well integrated and drew us into his message. Mr. Hanson flowed through the 45 minutes with ease, poise and an approachable presence that put the audience in a place to receive his message, become engaged and part of the experience. I highly recommend making Steve a part of any gathering that would benefit from a truly moving, human and uplifting message. 


To be strong. To be kind. To be real.

To inspire and empower others to be the same.

For all intents and purposes, the bullying that began when I was nine

was over by the time I turned eleven. 

Even so, I remained silent. As it turns out, those demons have a way of sticking with you, and it would be another thirty years before I found the courage to face them.

Slowly, painfully, FINALLY, I was able to find my voice, and admit to myself what deep down, I had known all along.


What's more, people were willing to listen.

Having the opportunity to inspire, educate, unite, and uplift; the chance to share laughter, smiles, handshakes, hugs, and yes, even a few tears...

It's not only more than I would have imagined, it's more than I could ask for.

I speak for others.

I hope you let me speak for you.

To book this one-of-a-kind speaker, contact Steve today and get the conversation started.

Steve has the ability to connect to his audience and his presentation was engaging and fun! I would highly recommend Steve as a speaker and can't wait to have him back. Jill McNamee, CEO/McNamee Real Estate Team


When it comes to life, we have a choice; let it happen, or make it happen.

This presentation, specifically designed for people 18-22 years of age, focuses on providing young people the necessary tools for success.This is an opportunity for college age students to prepare themselves for the next phase of their lives. Avoiding pitfalls, finding opportunities, the importance of fiscal responsibility, maintaining a healthy work/life balance, the consequence of choice, and more. This is a how-to guide from someone who’s walked the walk, and survived the missteps along the way. The future belongs to you. 

Make It Happen.

3. Why Not You, Why Not Now?

It’s natural for people to change; to grow, and to evolve.Why is it then, that so many of us choose to stay exactly where we are, even when we’re desperate for something new? "Why Not You, Why Not Now?" provides answers to that question, and offers some very specific, surprisingly simple solutions designed to help you take your first steps toward living the life you desire.

1. Brick by Brick

Being a teenager can be tough.

The pressure to fit in, the dangers of social media, bullying, anxiety, depression, issues at home, etc… How we feel about ourselves, and who we become, are oftentimes, directly related. In this compelling presentation, Steve shares his story, and speaks openly with students about the challenges they face, as well as the consequences of both their words and their actions. Kindness, humility, confidence, and courage; these are the cornerstones of a strong foundation.

Steve explains what that means, why it’s important, and how those foundations are built over time; slowly, deliberately, and purposefully, 

Brick by Brick.


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Steve Speaks

Steve is currently offering three presentations, each of

which can be modified to meet your specific needs.