Create The Life That You Desire!

Imagine having a life that fulfills you; that brings you JOY, PEACE, HAPPINESS, and SUCCESS. It’s possible, and you have the power to make it happen.

Meet Steve Hanson – A keynote speaker whose primary focus is on mental health and well-being. At home or in the workplace, Steve helps people step out of their comfort zones, and live up to their true potential. He is available now, and he can’t wait to speak with you.

Speech That Inspires  • Stories That Connect

Inspirational, Informative, Highly Engaging, and Always Entertaining

Steve has a dynamic presence, and a unique ability to connect with any audience. In his energetic and passionate presentations, you’ll learn to identify and remove the roadblocks that stand in your way, and implement strategies that will keep you and/or your team moving forward.

Keynote Addresses

Whether speaking for students, social groups, or business and community leaders – what Steve has to offer is far more than just a speech or presentation. It’s a call to action.


As master of ceremonies for your corporate event or non-profit fundraiser, Steve’s one and only job is to make certain that it’s a smashing success.

Workshops & Trainings

These are fun, interactive, hands-on events that are specific to a particular environment, where people come together to engage in honest conversation.


To Help People Become Their Best, Most Authentic Selves, & Make The World A Better Place; One Thought, One Action, One Little Victory At A Time.